We understand ourselves as organically connected to the church universal. We partner in mission with particular ministries in neighborhoods around the world.  We do this in part by regularly supporting Presbyterian Mission. For more visit their website: presbyterianmission.org.

In particular we support Larry and Igne Sthreshley as mission coworkers (pictured on the right). They have now served with the PC(USA) for 20 years in Africa, mostly in Congo. They focus on health outcomes (as opposed to building institutions) in southern and eastern Congo, including regions caught up in what has been called the “world’s deadliest war.” Larry heads a team of 50 people that has an impact on the health of eight million people–fighting malaria, TB, malnutrition, and childhood illnesses such as diarrhea and respiratory infection.

We were pleased to receive a personal visit and an update from Larry and Igne in September of 2015.

 We also support other global ministries such as Agape Village, an orphanage in Zambia, Africa. In October 2016, Pastor Sam joined Gerald Batts and Mickey Bailey in a visit to the orphanage (pictured below).

Agape Village 2016

Missionaries in The Democratic Republic of Congo

missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo2